Skin For radiant skin, inside and out like our own Priyal Gor

Skin is comprised of approximately 60% water, a good reason to associate water intake with the health of your skin. Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, has wrinkles and pores more prominent. The water intake and its quality determine the look, feel and health of ones skin. Though skin dryness is also associated with exposure to dry air, prolonged contact with hot water and scrubbing with soap, medical conditions and medications. With increased Vaani water intake particularly in individuals with low initial water intake, can improve skin thickness and density. So wash your face and drink plenty of Vaani Alkaline RO water which is richer in oxygen and other minerals to improve softness smoothness and A skin-moisturizing.


Children Boosts Mental and Physical Growth

In growing and school children, mild dehydration and lack of minerals in water produces changes in a number of important aspects of cognitive function, such as concentration, alertness short-term memory, perceptual discrimination, arithmetic ability, vasomotor tracking, visual attention tasks and psychomotor skills. Vaani water has the much needed minerals which assist in overall health and helps the child to perform better in mental and physica' activities. Give your child a bottle filled with Vaani Alkaline RO water in lunchboxes and also encourage him/her to sip fluids at regular intervalsthroughout the day.

Weight Loss

Drink More to Lose More

Drinking 500 ml of Vaani purified water 30 minutes before each meal can assist in weight loss. When combined with a hypo caloric diet, pre-meal water consumption leads to greator weight loss than a hypo caloric diet alone.

Drinking our water can benefit in:
A An approximately 2 kg greater weight loss over 12 weeks

  • A 44% higher rate of weight loss.
  • It doesnt contains liquid calories just essential minerals.
  • Increases the thermogenesis and caloric expenditure within 60 minutes of drinking.
  • may improve cell efficiency and increase fat metabolism.


Safe for the mother and baby

One of the greatest threats to the health of a baby in utero is a condition known as Oligohydramnious, which means reduced amniotic fluid. This condition affects 2.3% of pregnant women and it has been estimated that approximately 11% - 38% of pregnant women suffer from constipation which in turn harms the baby. Drinking raw / impure water during pregnancy may cause miscarriage, birth defects, and lower birth weights.

A regular intake of Vaani water which has amniotic fluid and other essential minerals is necessary to avoid constipation and other complications and for healthy development of the fetus and the new born baby.