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Covered By The Contract Changes Are As Follows
1- For periodical service visits per year during the period of contract mentioned overleaf, when the purifier/attachment will be thoroughly checked, cleaned and adjusted.
2- Any additional visits during the contract period, as and when required, in the event of any malfunctioning of the equipment, on intimation in this regard by the customer.
3- Replacemnet of pre-filter candle will be made once (maximum) every year depending on the condition of the exiting per-filter candle during the service contract period. in case of compact cartridge once candles per year will be replace (max) depending upon the period.
4- Replacement of activated carbon granules will be made once.activated carbon block once(max) every year during the service contract period.
5- Replacemnet of activated carbon granules will be made once per year for water softner and iron remover.
Terms And Condition of The Contract
1- The contract shall not cover visits/replacement of part under the following circumstance.
A- Damage caused to the equipment due to floods, fire, accident, riot, breakage, pest misuse, improper or negligent use, tampering, leakage from pipes etc.
B- Damage caused to the equipment due to failure to observe the operating instructions and precaution as mentioned in user’s manual.
C- Defects due to usage of non-recommended spares.
D- Visits for customers r–training or re-installation at a  different location.
E- Defects/failure resulting from servicing/repairs done by a person other than the authorized representative of aqua solution India.
F- Where this equipment is under use for more than 8 hours a day continuously. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by aqua solution India.
G- Replacement of Eva tube.
2- Services under this contract exclude the following
A- Painting of the body top and bottom panels, and anodizing the treatment chambers and electronic housing.
B- Chrome plating of the nuts and other styling decorative materials.
3- The equipment must be in good condition and the same to be certified by the aqua solution India; before this contract becomes effective. the customer shall pay the necessary charges in the first instance for rendering the equipment so workable, for which aqua solution India will submit an estimate for approval. This clause does not apply if a contract is renewed from the next day of date of termination of the warranty period of previous contract period.
4- The equipment should be made available for services and when our authorized service technician calls on his periodical servicing visit. Failure to do so will be treated as a service rendered and to refund shall accrue on this account.
5- Every visit by our authorized service technician will be made within reasonable time from receipt of a complaint for breakdown of the equipment and will be made only during working hours of our service department and 24x7 visit will available.
Charges depends on model & condition of machine.
6- The liability aqua solution India shall be limited to providing service and replacing spares as covered by this contract & aqua solution India shall not be liable for damages, death, injuries or any consequential damage of the so ever nature to any person or property, by use or operation of the product.
7- In order to enable aqua solution to discharge under this contract, the customer shall notify in writing any charge in his address within 5 days of such charge. In default where, aqua solution India shall not be intimation from the customer.  In such event the removal and re-installation of the purifier/attachment will be done at an additional cost per the rates prevailing on the date.
8- This contract is neither terminable before the expiry period nor transferable in the event or resale/gift to any other personnel.
9- Contract charges are payable by cash/check/ favoring aqua solution India in advance and payment shall account the signed copy of the contract and such payment shall be realized before the commencement of the period.
10- Renewal of the service contract after its expiry will be at the sole discretion of aqua solution India and depending upon the model/age the product.
11- It shall not be the responsibility of aqua solution India to send any reminder or any such communication to intimate the expiry or renewal of contract. The onus renewal the contract reads with the owner.
12- In the event of any complaint, please quote your name, address and the contract number.
13- This contract sets out all the terms and conditions of which aqua solution India agree to service the equipment and cancels and supersedes all prior agreement, undertaking or arrangement, oral or written between the parties on the subject matter.
14- Modification and variation: no- modification or variation of this contract shall be binding unless it is made in writing and signed by the contracting parties.
15- Force major: neither party shall be liable for the non-performance of its obligation under this agreement where such failure is due to force majeure i.e. due or attributable to any act of god. orders, restrictions or regulation of government of India central or state, war working conditions, hostilities, riots, civil commotion, strikes, lock out, labor trouble, explosion, or any other cause or circumstance of whatsoever nature beyond control.
16- Upgrading: in case product need up gradation due to reason not under control of aqua solution India customer has to accept up gradation at prevailing rate.
17- Any date or period of time mentioned in this contract should unless contended of mutual written be of the essence.