Gravity Ultra Filter Technology

Our Technology Alkaline RO purification technology provides purification by alkaline RO combined with ph + Carbon + Sediment filters equipped. The carbon and sediment filters remove both suspended and dissolved impurities such as chemicals and various organic impurities. Its state-of-the-art alkaline filter and RO collectively purify water while the pH filter maintains the pH level as well as minerals essential for human body.

VAANI unique technology brings with itself the power of RO without mixing purified with impure water to maintain the TDS. Instead its NSF certified antioxidant alkaline filter purifiers water while persistently maintaining natural minerals essential for human body.

Recommended For

Purifies all kinds of water Works on high TDS Eliminates toughest of impurities Energy efficient - power saving For health conscious people 100% chemical free water


Beautiful to look at Hygienic tap-outlet Push fit components A size that fits all kitchens Safe material

Storage and Installation

Built-in 12-15 Litres storage tank Easy to install Economical to maintain

Vaani Care

Forcused R&D Hold Highest Certifications 1 year of free on-site support